River City Condo Phase 3

River City Condos is now selling their phase 3 development, please register today at http://www.river-city-condos.ca for up to date information and floor plans.

River City Phase 3 Condos is the next phase of a development brought to you by Urban Capital Property Group and Waterfront Toronto.  Phase 3 of River City Condo is currently in pre-construction and will be located at Eastern Avenue and Saint Lawrence Street in Toronto.

River City Phase 3 Condo Project Summary

Name : River City Phase 3
Developer Name : Urban Capital Property Group and Waterfront
Type : Condo
Location : Eastern Ave& Saint Lawrence St, Toronto, ON M5A 3N1
Number of Storeys : 32
Number of Units:  200+
Unit size: 500 square feet +
Price Range : Starting at the low 270′s
Date of completion : 2014

River City Phase 3 Condos has a proposal that will see the condo rise to 32 storeys.  The mixed used tower will have an excellent array of suites including one bedroom, one bedroom plus den, two bedrooms and two bedrooms plus den.  It is estimated that the date of completion will be late 2014.

Located in one of Toronto’s best communities River City has received a walkscore of 88/100.  With its great location Phase 3 of River City condos will be a short walking distance to all that the city has to offer. You will be steps away from entertainment, shopping,  grocery stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals,  transit, banks,  and a vibrant downtown nightlife.

There will be one more phase that will be added after the completion of phase 3.  Be on the look out for phase 4 in the near future

The 50 Wellesley Residence Real Estate Investment

To be a successful investor in todays real estate market there are few keep things to keep in mind. Having all the available knowledge of the market you are dealing with is essential. For an example there is a new condo project in pre-construction named 50 Wellesley Residences. What are some important things we need to know if this will be a good Real Estate Investment?

For pre-construction sales since there isn’t much to show your clients. Learn about the developer, their past and current projects. The location is crucial to understand the type person that will live there as it give an indication of the cost of the condo. People choose to live in Toronto for the convenience of neighbourhood amenities. Having quick access to restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment will make any condo development a quality investment.

Real estate investors must possess high ethical standards. Since networking is essential in this business, you don’t want to rub the anyones shoulders the wrong way. Especially with pre-construction sales since developers tend to favor certain agents and give them repeat business.

50 Wellesley Residences for investment purposes is located in a great location of Toronto. The condo will be around many major amenities which people will be looking for. The condo is being backed by the Plaza Corp developer, who have successfully built many condos in the Toronto area. 50 Wellesley Residences will have 223 suites for sale and will stand 28 storeys above street level. It designed for comfortable and luxury living, containing high end features and finishes.

Top Secrets Of Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most important wealth generators across the world. It is less affected by financial crisis. The prices of real estate are growing across the world year by year. Many people are investing in real estate to cash in on the growing trend but few know the secrets of real estate investing. Even big conglomerates are making huge investments in real estate. Rising interest rates may have some impact on the real estate market. The companies that invest money in real estate for making profits should choose a location where the prices are likely to rise in the near future. One of the best secrets of real estate marketing is to build houses or apartments in good localities where the demand is very high.

Simple Secrets of Real Estate Investing

Once the real estate firm acquires a land in a good location, it starts airing the advertisements about various types of condominiums that will be available shortly.  One among the best secrets of real estate marketing is targeting the mid and high end segments. The company should construct low cost apartments such as one or two bedroom with little amenities for middle class people. It can sell such apartments at lowest rates to make money. It should build luxury apartments will all necessary amenities such as fully furnished, 24 hours uninterrupted power supply, high speed internet access, TV facility, swimming pool etc for wealthy customers. It is of the secrets of real estate marketing to sell luxury apartments at high prices and reap in huge profits.

Some companies construct their apartments at far away distance from the city. Such houses are not easily accessible. It will get less demand. One of the best secrets of real estate marketing is to build houses or apartments where transportation is not a problem. They should be as close as possible to the offices, schools and bus / railway stations. The buyers will not mind buying a property even at a much higher price it is closer to necessary facilities. One of the secrets of real estate marketing is through advertising about the upcoming apartments in online media such as in blogs, educational sites, job sites, free mobile recharging sites, emails, free messaging sites, social media networks such as facebook and twitter. The information online will reach all corners of your area in less time. Nowadays, many people are searching online for even minute information. The real estate companies should realize this potential.

Hiring a broker is another essential tip for successfully accomplishing anything in real estate. The brokers will have contacts with local people. They know all categories of people, who are looking to buy real estate in that area. You should hire reliable broker for selling your real estate.

Real Estate Marketing Secrets

Spreading information about readily occupying type apartments through local news papers is one of the fundamental best practices for marketing in general. Despite surging users online, newspapers play a vital role in marketing of real estate. One among the key practices of high performing real estate marketers is to place ad with a picture of the building along with contact number and website.  People, who are internet savvy, will browse the website for more details. The company should place all the necessary information about the type of amenities, location, number of bedrooms, price details on its website. Phone number plays a key role to sell the real estate. The prospective customers will immediately pick up the phone to know further details about the apartments or real estate. One of the most effective hidden technique is to employ good customer care executives to politely answer the queries of customers. Offering a free site visit to the real estate for the prospective customers is one of the best secrets of real estate marketing. It helps them to stage a buy decision.

Making More with Real Estate Secrets

Real estate is no doubt one dicey business and knowing the right tips and secrets can really help you shine without any trouble. When financing your investment on properties, knowing what to do, when to do and how to do it is important. The mortgage market isn’t exactly flying right now, and banks are being bailed out of their troubles so this is a critical time where you should know how to play your cards right. You need to know something about real estate secrets and what you are planning and what may be in store for you before making a decision on refinancing your mortgage.

Real Estate Secrets Planning

You can find out how to beat mortgage lenders at their own game and increase the profits you earn considerably. You can make profits on every investment if you plan things right with real estate secrets.  Today there are multiple options available in the form of real estate LLC, insurance policies and so on that protects your personal assets. You may not know the first thing about how things work, but that’s okay. Everyone learns at their own pace as they get into the real estate world. Firstly, it is possible to execute details without having a broker in the middle is an important one inreal estate secrets.

You should know that there are plenty of real estate forums where you can get all the details you want about how a proceeding takes place. You can also collect all the forms you need and can execute the deal on your own without any troubles when you know real estate tips to guide you. You just need to spend some time knowing what kind of prices are there and what steps you need to take with a deal. Real estate information is publically available to those who want to know it.

Real Estate Secrets Loopholes

Many a time, the best profits are made with a little planning and by considering the details of a situation carefully. Mortgages are always executed differently with different lenders. Make sure you know well the terms and conditions and consult an attorney whenever necessary. This will give you a clear picture of how things happen and what you need to do to ensure that you earn the best profits. Real estate secrets can make or break a deal. There are always loopholes in every deal and finding it is one of the real estate secrets every investor should know.

When you are working on an LLC real estate deal or if you are considering insurance you should know exactly what situations can arise and check how things can go wrong so that you are prepared in the eventuality that it does. Being prepared for every situation is important and can make a lot of difference to how much you earn and how well you earn. Real estate secrets can really help you to sort out and be prepared for any upcoming situations. Moreover, you will be satisfied in knowing your investment is secure and profitable always.

Real Estate Developer Roles

Real estate developer is a person who is a professional in creating, developing or renovating real estate properties, so that they can be successfully marketed and sold. These developers often work with a group to reduce the workload, and also the risk involved in developing the real estate property. They usually work in real estate development companies that take the real estate development task on a large scale. The real estate developer can be a certified professional holding a degree in real estate development, or can be an architect, agent or even a contractor.

Real Estate Developer Chalenges

Real estate development is a very challenging and high potential business that focuses on various segments of development of the property. A real estate developer is basically a coordinator of the real estate development activities and works towards converting an idea into a valuable property. Real estate development is based on how the developer projects the future out of the property, and how it is actually implemented. The developers may not be the key persons who build the real estate property. They take the help of builders to build the property under a fixed bond.

The role of a real estate developer is very challenging. His primary task is to identify and assess the real estate site that has the potential to be transformed for future use. The real estate site can be an empty land or an old building. Real estate development is carried out on a huge scale that involves turning up of old property or empty property into a potential property like offices, residential blocks, or commercial blocks. The vision of the developer plays a very important role in identifying such properties and assessing their capability to be remodeled or developed.

The developer’s level of expertise and contacts in the real estate business plays a critical role. Real estate market is constantly affected by the ever fluctuating global market. The developer should have a better understanding of the market so as to determine the vulnerability of the real estate project to succeed or not. The real estate developer must maintain a large rolodex with various sections of the society, as the development of a real estate property is not a single man’s task. He needs to establish connections with local government agency, private firms, and other people who can help him in approving the real estate development project.

Real Estate Developer Teamwork

The real estate developer gathers a team of architects, contractors, agents, and various other professionals, to aide him in his project. He may choose from a wide range of prospects like high end residential or commercial properties, or middle class properties. The real estate developer needs to have extensive knowledge about the development of the area in the upcoming years and its consequent effect on the selling price of the property.

The ability of a real estate developer to convert a barren land or very old property into a potential and profitable property, which is not only flexible, but also meets the needs of the city, determines the professionalism of the developer.

Totem Condo

Register today at Totemcondotoronto.ca to receive floor plans and prices

PROJECT NAME: Totem Condos
ADDRESS: 17 Dundonald St, Toronto ON M4Y 1K3
UNIT SIZES: 500 square feet to 1000 square feet
PRICE RANGE:  Starting From The Mid $200,000s

Totem Condos is a boutique condo being developed by Worsley Urban Partners located at 17 Dundonald Street downtown Toronto

Here are a few renderings that have been released by Worsely


Totem Condos Toronto
Totem Condos Toronto


Buyers, have you researched area schools?

Schools are an important part of the decision process for any homebuyer. If you plan on moving somewhere and living there for a reasonable amount of time, your schooling options will most likely affect your decision. Furthermore, with all the buzz about charter schools, re-drawing school districts, and vouchers, many parents are re-thinking where they want to send their children to school.

So what are your choices here in Northern Utah?
-Public schools abound, obviously, and are available anywhere you go. These schools are financed by the government and will admit any student living in their boundary. Not all public schools are created equal, however.

-Charter schools are considered public schools except that they are not bound by many of the rules and regulations that public schools are bound by. A charter school may have been started by the community or a parent, and so they are responsible to their creating organization. Many consider these schools a good alternative to conventional public schools because they offer smaller class sizes and more one on one time with students.

-Magnet schools are another public school option. These schools are selective and specialize in reaching their high standards. Testing is required to get into one of these schools.

-Private schools are just that: private. Free from government by outside bodies like the state or federal government. You’ll pay tuition for a private school because that is how they make their money; that and from their sponsoring religious organization, endowment, etc.

This information is probably nothing new to you. But I encourage you to take it a step further and view this website. Just knowing how the school types differ is not enough. Parents must compare and contrast and decide which school meets their childs specific needs.

The website I just linked to is The Sutherland Institute, where you’ll see a page with links to school rankings in Utah. Use this resource as a starting point to judge which school might be best worth your consideration. While you’re at it, the entire Sutherland Institute is good reading, so spend some time there.

I’ve found that this kind of information is best researched by a buyer well before they’ve made their final decision of where they want to live. It’s such a huge factor, it deserves plenty of time to itself.

1 Yorkville Condo

1 Yorkville Condo Official Sales Center
1 Yorkville Condo Official Sales Center

1 Yorkville Condo being built by by Bazis Inc will be located at 1 Yorkville Avenue in Toronto at the corner Yorkville and Yonge. 1 Yorkville Condo an exciting addition to Toronto’s skyline will feature a 3D building, which will change in light, shadow and colour making for an amazing view in the Yorkville community

The Yorkville area, is well known for its exclusive high end shops and restaurants.  A very trendy and luxurious area will have buyers and investors excited about the new development.  Register at http://www.1-yorkvillecondo.com to step in front of the line and receive exclusive and pre construction incentives today.


Condo Guide is a highly reputable company operating in the world of real estate. When the world was facing the problem of economic slowdown, it was the real estate market, which was hardest hit, especially when it came to investment properties. The homes and other types of properties fell drastically, as a result of which most people were badly disturbed. Before trying out different real estate focused services,you should know that this present market is still very volatile, as a result of which one should be aware of the different types of investing techniques.

If investment is not done in a proper manner, it can ruin one’s financial condition in a great way. Therefore, going for a company, which can help you understand the nature of local economic trends can be extremely helpful, and Condo Guide comes with the ability to do so. The investor should also have good amount of knowledge about the investment areas, and also about the nature of his or her property. It is quite obvious that a layman would not have much information about the different investment plans and programs; hence, taking aid of these services becomes imperative.

Investor Real Estate Services Education

The best thing about Condo Guide is that it can help you to gather a successful investment by educating you on different economic trends and the potential outcome of your investment. Now, why would you go for Condo Guide when you have so many companies to choose from? Well, Condo Guide has been offering real estate services to people for a long time now. This company has an appreciable amount of experience in this field, and what makes it even better is the variety of services that it offers. From management, consulting to sales investment, information on all matters is offered by this reputable company.

Benefits from Investor Real Estate Services

The amount of aid that you can derive from this company is beyond explanation, and the fact that this company is known for its quality services, makes it even better. This company is aware of the fact that a layman would lack the requisite amount of knowledge needed for making investments. As a result of this, Condo Guide provides the option of different types of workshops for the investor. It helps the investors to understand the basic intricacies of real estate market. Since it can empathize with the requirements of the investors, IRES is highly regarded by the people who take aid of its services. The variety of services offered by this firm enables investors of different needs and requirements to benefit from them. This company offers a type of investment program, which is personalized in nature, and it can cater to the needs of each and every individual. The service charges of this company are extremely low, which makes it all the more preferable and affordable to all. So, the next time you face any difficulty while dealing with the investment programs, go for it.



The vision for www.realty-guide.ca is to make the company a one stop shop in property management, leasing and consulting services to their customers to help them concentrate on their businesses while maximizing their investments and making decisions which are environmentally friendly.  They also take pride in providing a fun and challenging work environment for their employees while offering a platform to grow personally and professionally and are rewarded for their efforts.

www.realty-guide.ca is very actively developing, leasing, managing property and assets not just in Indiana but also in Kentucky. They have done excellent work in finding out what a market needs and they have done unique projects such as apartment complexes, sports stadia, building hotels, office buildings and also built a state of the art forensic laboratory.

www.realty-guide.ca has a large and diversified portfolio of properties they have developed and are currently developing.  For such wide ranging projects, they have a specialized and skilled team of architects and employees who are able to bring innovation to design and construction of a given project.

www.realty-guide.ca Leasing arm service  is able to offer you the rates and services and properties as they own, operate, build and lease – all under one umbrella. They are able to match a variety of needs to suit the market and budgets.

www.realty-guide.ca Property Management division has a wide range of employees to help maintain their properties and also to keep them up to building codes which change when newer and better technologies are available.  REI believes in anticipating and fixing problems before they crop up.  As they have partnered to develop properties across the country, REI’s property managers treat their properties like their own and are quick to respond and fix problems.

www.realty-guide.ca also has very talented money managers as a part of their team who are able identify projects, manage investments and are able to figure out what kind of money is needed to develop projects on a large scale.  REI is in the unique position to assess risk and reward on every project and help in the decision making process.

www.realty-guide.ca as a company has pledged their time and money to worthwhile projects and community organizations to help the less fortunate in every single community they work in.  Some of the organizations they are involved with financially and also volunteer with are the Indianapolis Zoo, YMCA, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, to name a few.  They foster and support the development of cultural resources.

www.realty-guide.ca is a company that operates on a large scale and is very interested in incorporating energy efficient appliances and practices in all its properties to lessen the impact on the environment and also to help save costs for all their tenants.

www.realty-guide.ca is a diversified services company with the expertise to address any aspect of the real estate industry that you are interested in.

Providing real estate investment solutions